Minicabs for reliable courier / parcel delivery

There might be situations in which you want particular items to be delivered especially quickly and securely. At Viceroy Cars, we have the vehicles and expertise to transport a broad range of items, from simple documents to large parcels, to various places in the Epsom and Ewell area.

Perhaps you are solicitor or accountant and want to send a document in a stringently secure manner. Alternatively, perhaps you work for a business or hospital and would like vital work equipment delivered in such a way that you can be confident it won’t incur damage in transit.

The variety of items that we can deliver is vast. You can ask one of our CRB checked and well-mannered drivers to transport something as small as a document consisting of a single piece of paper or something as sophisticated and specialist as laser equipment.

More reasons to consider booking one of our cabs

Our drivers can draw upon their in-depth knowledge of the Ewell and Epsom areas to help themselves in quickly navigating through such obstacles as traffic and construction works. This is all to ensure that the item reaches its intended destination when you want it to.

This applies for delivery of many different item types. Items that we can transport include blood, computer parts, flowers, spare car keys, pets – should they be set for a visit to the vet, for example – and, provided that they weigh under 10 kg, urgent documents and parcels.

The prospect of financial surprises is not something that you have to worry about when you request our courier / parcel delivery service. The price that we present just before you pay will cover absolutely everything – we don’t conceal charges only to later make them public at an inconvenient time. Furthermore, our drivers will always treat you with politeness and respect.

Booking our courier / parcel delivery service is easy. Just make your booking online, drop us a line on 01372 722222, or submit an email to