Choose from the varied cabs in our fleet

At Viceroy Cars, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet a wide range of our clients’ needs – and this ability is largely rooted in the broad choice of cabs that we offer for hire. When putting together our fleet, we have carefully chosen its vehicles in order to cover many different bases.

These vehicles include our executive car, a 4-seater with measures enabling comfort and safety both inside and out. It is especially suited to businesspeople. Our saloon car offers identical capacity for both passengers and luggage; however, it is ideal for passengers of any kind. Comfortable seats and a baggage area are included with this vehicle.

If neither of these minicabs meets your luggage needs, you can alternatively choose our estate car. The 4 seats in this vehicle are comfortable and the baggage area is spacious. Whichever of these vehicles you choose, you can eagerly anticipate being greeted and served by a friendly and CRB checked driver who will treat you courteously throughout your time with them.

Our minicabs cater for many different needs

You might still have particularly high requirements that the above-mentioned vehicles don’t meet. For example, you might be set to travel as part of a group numbering up to 7 people, all of whom will be taking luggage that, placed together, would need a huge amount of storage space.

Thankfully, we also have minicabs that can meet such requirements. These vehicles include our 7-seater MPV. Suitable for small group transfers, this minivan, as it can otherwise be called, is capable of carrying as many as 6 people and their luggage.

Our fleet’s most high-end vehicle in terms of capacity is our 8-seater minibus. Whatever the occasion you will be travelling for, this cab is ideal for transferring groups of up to 7 people. It also provides abundant space to accommodate their luggage and accessories. Plus, whatever Viceroy Cars cab you opt for, there will be no inconvenient hidden charges.

Once you have decided which one of these vehicles you would like to use, you can hire it through clicking this link or sending your booking details via or 01372 722222.